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What are Ambrotose® Products?

Ambrotose® products are health supplements composed of blends of plant polysaccharides. At present, two products are available: Ambrotose® complex and Advanced Ambrotose™. Over 43 patents were issued for technology relevant to the Ambrotose® formulation.
These products are based on similar core technology. Both can be obtained in capsules and as a bulk powder that could be used with water or juices. Advanced Ambrotose™ is enriched with wakame, a brown algae (Undaria pinnatifida) that’s rich in effective polysaccharides also known as fucoidans.

Why Would anyone Prefer to Take a Polysaccharide Supplement?

Can’t we get these polysaccharides in the foods we usually eat? Not really. A key component of Ambrotose® products is stabilized aloe vera gel polysaccharides. Various other nourishing saccharides—from brown algae and plant gums—are not as much common in our modern diets than they were in the past .
1 Further, not many people eat enough fruit and vegetables—additional sources of plant saccharides.
2 Mannatech is convinced that Ambrotose® supplementation may perhaps be valuable for virtually everyone.

What advantages do Ambrotose® products produce?

Laboratory reports suggest that Ambrotose® exerts prebiotic, antioxidant and immunity process effects. In the double-blind, placebo-controlled human study, it exerted beneficial effects on brain function.
There may be still much to know. Polysaccharide study, mainly the interaction of these molecules with human physiology, is currently a zone of extreme scientific focus.

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