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Marci asked:

I was wondering what kind of Resveratrol pills I should buy? There is a ton of choices, are they all basically the same? I’m really interested in this after watching a special on 60 Minutes, but I just want to make sure I’m not going to get ripped off.


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Let\’s be honest, most of us have heard that resveratrol from grape supplement is the best way forward, as grapes have one of the highest concentrations of it. But there are better, superior options to be had.

First off, the best way to get the most potent extract is not to get resveratrol from grape supplement, but from Japanese Knotweed extract. This plant has the highest concentration of resveratrol on the planet.

You should also check that the product only uses natural synergetic ingredients, with at least 20mg of natural 50% trans-resveratrol, which is the most active type.

These days experts agree that taking resveratrol in extract form alone is not as beneficial as taking it with other synergetic nutrients.

To illustrate, resveratrol combines well with ginkgo biloba and green tea extract, and this enhances its ability to reverse the signs of aging, for example.

This combination can also be very beneficial in the prevention of many forms of cancer, diabetes and even Alzheimer\’s.

You don\’t want to receive the benefits of it on its own, but rather in a product that has many nutrients in it that work synergistically with one another.

Another important consideration if you are going down the supplement route is to see if it has what is known as a natural enteric coating. Only a few of the high quality ones will use this, as it stops the destructive actions of stomach acid by allowing it to pass through to the upper intestine where it will have the greatest benefits.

So, as you can see, there is more to resveratrol from grape supplement than meets the eye!

The beauty of using a quality multi supplement is that you are not wasting hundreds of dollars a year or more on many different pills and remedies, and you are getting the powerful benefits that many natural synergistic ingredients will have on your health.

If you are serious about looking after your health for the long- term, and want to potentially avoid many of the diseases that come with the aging process, forget about getting resveratrol from grape supplement and focus instead on a high quality natural alternative.

If you would like to learn more about the synergistic products which I personally take, including resveratrol, why not visit my website. 


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